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Get Ready for 3D UGC (or maybe not)

January 6, 2011

A futurist’s rule of thumb: Technological innovations almost never go mainstream until they’re used for porn. So I guess it’s both good news and really bad news that 3D porn is likely just around the corner.

The tools are mostly in place for mainstream user-generated 3D content, too. Fuji has a $399 digicam that takes 3D photos (above), and Panasonic has a 3D camcorder for $1,399 (below). Those are good prices…the only barriers to adoption now are the prices of 3D TVs to view the content on, and the stupid glasses. And the perceived pointlessness of 3D. Ok, so I guess there are a few barriers to adoption, but affordable photo/video capture is no longer one of them.

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