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Q & A with Warren Raisch, Executive Vice President at Digitaria Interactive Inc. & 2011 Social Media Week Panelist

February 10, 2011

Warren Raisch is the Executive Vice President at Digitaria Interactive Inc., a full service digital agency based out of San Diego, California. Warren will be a panelist on Friday’s Social Media Week panel, Check In or Check Out: Avoiding Location-Based Nothingness.

What was your social media eureka moment?
My Social Eureka moment was when I read a news article about two girls who were caught in a flash flood and swept down a storm drain…even though they were holding a phone in there hand they opted to post their cries for help on Facebook updates and were saved by their social networking friends. 

What do you use on a daily basis and how?  
On a daily basis I use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin Groups where I manage a group. and my own personal blog. 

What is hot and what is just hype?
I believe social marketing has permeated all aspects of marketing and the new mantra for marketers is to think Social, Think Cross-Channel and Think Cross-Device Marketing. 

What do you see as being the next big thing at next year’s conference?
I think the convergence of Social, Mobile and Location Based Platforms will be the next big thing. 

What is the one takeaway you hope everyone gets from your panel?
The one big takeaway is that I believe that we have crossed a tipping point and now – All Marketing is Social Marketing –  When thinking about offline, online, mobile or even event marketing Social has a part in all forms of marketing moving forward. 

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