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A Drink With: #Hashable (and “other dude”)

March 14, 2011

[Guest post by Abby Leber, planner at JWT]

The Driskill – Saturday March 12, 1:16am. I bump into two guys wearing branded t-shirts. Self-promotion is rampant. I think the sentiment here is, if you’re not a walking poster, you’re underutilized.

Me: Hi Guys. Where’re you from?

#hashable dude: #hashable (pointing to hoodie)

Other dude: [wordlessly points to short with some name of some internet start up that aggregates something.]

Me: Oh. So, see anything you liked today? Good panels?

#hashable dude: I saw a few, but mostly was promoting our party.

Other dude: I couldn’t. I was working all day.

Me: What exactly does that mean?

Other dude: Meeting people, handing out flyers, giving out t-shirts, I’m exhausted. Did it at my last start up too. It’s what you do here. Makes this beer taste better now, though.

#hashable dude and I are both kind of amazed. It’s clear neither of us did any of that. Suddenly we feel lazy.

Me [to #hashable]: so, what did you do for your party?

#hashable dude: wear this [pointing to hoodie.]

Me: that works??!

#hashable dude: [puts my hand on his lower sleeve.] Best. Sweatshirt. Ever.

Me [completely genuine]: Wooooooooooooooooooooow. I. Need. One.

Take Aways:

1.       These people pour their hearts and soul into these start up internet companies. Unfortunately they’re a dime a dozen, especially at a place like this, and they’re in dire need of some newer tactics that get the word out than a t-shirt, though that still reigns as the most popular tactic here. Perhaps a hard-sell on their USP would be useful since I retained nothing more than [other dude].

2.       That said, Ring-spun hoodies are THE WAY TO GO. Perhaps I’m a sucker, but it proves true utility will always win. I now want this sweatshirt more than any I could go out and buy. It was that comfortable. Which mentally translates into “You get what I want + It’s Exclusive = I need that now.” I now associate that yearning with #hashable. Well played, sir.


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  1. March 14, 2011 4:06 pm

    Abracadabra Leber. Hoodie about town. Very funny post.

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