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‘CSI’ uses Facebook game to incentivize watching

February 8, 2011

For the month of February, CSI is using its Facebook game, CSI: Crime City, to motivate fans to keep watching the show by posting a question each week that can be answered only by viewing the episode (e.g., “What is the number of the missing DV-tape?”). Correct answers win credits good for in-game bonuses. This blend of social gaming and tune-in is another demonstration of the increasing social-ness of TV viewing. Fans of the show are likely to discuss the effort in their communities and beyond, which will spread awareness even further.

With marketers striving to refine their strategies around TV-Web integration, we’ll see more brands blending social/TV concepts. As new platforms come to market, brands will have myriad opportunities to sponsor activations, content discussion areas, fan recognitions and other levels of consumer engagement that come with integrated use of smart TV apps, tablets and other mobile channels alongside broadcast.

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