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Douchebag Panels, and More!

March 11, 2011

[Here’s a post from Tom Siebert, VP at Digitaria]


Wow!  SXSWi kicks off with TWO panels that drop the word “douchebag!” I passed on “How Not to be a Doucehbag at SXSW” (think I’ve got that one covered; I’m as charming and delightful company as I am humble and self-effacing). Picked instead “Help Save SXSW from Marketer Douchebaggery,” which is apparently not a pressing concern for many here, as the giant ballroom was probably only 10% full.


Note to everyone involved: If you’re going to give your panel such a provocative title, don’t fill it with people who are so gosh-darned NICE!  You’d expect snark at something like this, instead we got earnest and helpful.  One panelist actually said marketers should “Add value and provide a good experience.”  I’ll take another cup o’ bland, please!


Meanwhile, behind them, about 1/3 of the SXSW banner hoisted behind them was festooned with about a dozen event sponsors, while another panelist lamented how supersaturation has pretty much pushed most start ups out of the picture — so what’s wrong with this one?

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