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Overheard at SXSW

March 11, 2011

[This is a guest post by Dawn Smith, VP at Digitaria]

The Digitaria crew is descending in waves upon the charming, quirky and possibly ouright weird city of Austin.   I’m a SXSWi sophomore, and look forward to graduating from my frosh status.

Arriving Thursday afternoon, we were engulfed by the sight and sounds.  A whine of a blues guitar, the raspy throat of an aged rock band, and the smell of good BBQ.  Add in UT spring break with sorority girls walking around, and you have a pretty eclectic mix.

As the day wore on and the Digital horde started to stream in, the language of the locals quickly fell away to Geek Talk. Here are a few snippets that stuck :

“Put the iphone down, stop tweeting and sing along dammit!”

“Chuck Norris invented the internet. No, really; he did.”

“Austin is putting in parking meters till 12am.  Another strike against the starving Musician.”

“XX is the new Facebook.”
“Launched yet?
“Nah. Just in prototype.”

“Come on in Geeks.  We love you. Drinks all night.”

“I go where the music calls me. Or where the shots are on special.  I’m not picky.”

“Must clone myself, how can i be in 4 panels at once?”

And my all time fav so far…

“wow there are a lot of chicks here this year.”
“Still won’t get a date till you move out of the basement.”

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