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Future Fitness: The Power of Personal Data

March 16, 2011
From a discussion of the coaches, developers, fitness brand leaders and other big players in the field of personal data and tracking.

Portability of Data

The advantage of mobile apps is that they’re not tethered to a device as gym equipment may be. Why would you want to carry any device around? It’s because of the data. Portability of data is essential for overall data tracking.

A Layer of Meaning

Current tracking methods track time and repetition but not overall progress or what it means to the user.  Getting data is not so much of an issue as what the data actually means to the user. You can track data but then there is taking it to he next step and making it useful. What should I do to change my routine based on this information? How are the decisions I’m making impact my end goal? Where am I now andwhere do I want to be. Keep the end goal in mind. (e.g. LoseIt App)

Who Owns It?

We need to start with the categories we are most active in and create interoperable standards. There is a lot of question about who is going to own the platform level. Right now marketers are asking developers to obfuscate data so people can’t leave. There is a lack of protocols for data exchange, or friction (1. access for user, 2. price, 3. fragmentation.)

“We can spend our time building around the sensors or we can decide now what to do with the data.”

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  1. March 16, 2011 10:06 pm

    wow amazing

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