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#Social2011: New Features coming to Radian6

April 13, 2011

During the opening keynote, Marcel LeBrun demoed three new features that will be rolling out in Radian6 over the next few months. These three new features aim to give the users quick, actionable information by cutting down time spent digging through data.

Radian6 Insights
Radian6 Insights is an integrated platform that uses 75 insight factors from four insight vendors (Klout, Open Amplify, Reuters Open Calais, PeekYou) to bring a deeper understanding to Radian6 information and results. Thanks to these new partnerships, the Radian6 Insight tool will help people interpret and digest information faster than before. Instead of having to manually sort through query results to get the big picture, Radian6 automatically draws conclusions based on search results. Say you’re wondering who was the most popular band, film, or keynote speaker at SXSW. No need to shuffle through conversation result to come to a conclusion because Radian6 Insights is set to do this for you.

Summary Dashboard
Radian6’s new Summary Dashboard provides an easy to read, high level snapshot of conversation volume, sentiment, trending themes and topics, key demographics, top influencers and competitors in real-time. This tool is perfect for brand and community managers who want a quick overview of details in real time. The Summary Dashboard is integrated with Raidan6 Insights and allows information widgets to be exported and embedded across the Web.

Radian6 Mobile App
For brands who require social media monitoring outside of the hours of 9-to-5, a mobile solution has arrived. With the Radian6 Mobile App (iPhone only at the moment, no word on Android or Blackberry version), users can open a “Summary Stack” to keep an eye on overall conversation volume and trends, sentiment, share of voice, share of conversation and top five countries. Borrowing features from the Radian6 Engagement Console, users have the ability to engage and respond to conversations while on the go. While the application isn’t as extensive as it’s Web version, Radian6 has created a product that customers have been asking about for sometime. A mobile application that keeps users connected to conversations about their brand just makes sense.

All in all, if these new features live up to their promise and hype, they will provide Radian6 users with more immediate insights to guide them in their interactions with online communities.

I’m waiting eagerly their debut.

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