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#Social2011: The big picture

April 13, 2011

Social2011, Radian6’s first user conference,  was just right for a few reasons. First, it was narrowly focused. Everyone in attendance knew and understood that social listening is important and is an evolving practice that must be understood by social practitioners. For that fact alone, keynotes, panels and discussions were more engaging, direct and on-topic. Most sessions were “fluff-free” (thank goodness!).

It also felt very personal. By my guess, I’d say about 700 people were in attendance along with an army of Radian6 employees. Still, I didn’t feel like I was getting “sold” to the entire time. I felt like Radian6 was more interested in creating and showcasing a better tool, not just convincing us that they were the best that there is to offer. There are shortcomings in all social listening tools and I think Radian6 understands these limitations. Their product demonstrations and customer testimonials showed that they’re as interested as we (their customers) are in sourcing the most accurate information about our brands online in an efficient way.

A few examples of how Radian6 is helping brands listen in social included:

  • The American Red Cross is implementing social listening to engage their community during and outside of natural disasters. (Watch the closing Keynote to hear more from Red Cross Social Media Director, Wendy Hartman).

All in all, it was a strong conference, that probably could have expanded to another day with more emphasis on training. Next year at Social2012, I hope that the dialogue shifts from “social listening is important” to a greater focus on “social listening led to this great action and engagement.”

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